Sclerotherapy in Issaquah

Sclerotherapy in Issaquah

Say goodbye to spider veins

Spider Vein Treatment

At TLJ Aesthetics MD, the most common spider vein treatment is sclerotherapy. In Issaquah, we offer sclerotherapy as a non-surgical injectable treatment that helps to improve and clear “broken veins” or “spider veins” of the legs so you can confidently show your legs without looking as though you are bruised.


Sclerotherapy in Issaquah
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Our Experience

Dr Jacobson has over 15 years of experience with spider vein treatment and sclerotherapy in Issaquah and surrounding areas. Rest assured you are in the hands of a very experienced injector and artist who will ensure your results are beautiful.

At TLJ, we make every extra effort possible to ensure your comfort during your treatment.

Treatment Details

Treatment Time: 30-60 minutes

Typical Recovery Time: None

Frequency of Maintenance Treatment: 3 treatments as soon as 6 weeks apart



After the spider veins have collapsed, they will begin to clear through natural processes in your body. It is common to receive 3 sclerotherapy treatments for a clearance of 80% or more.

Sclerotherapy in Issaquah


Is Sclerotherapy safe?

As with any medical treatment, ensure you are getting treated with a very experienced injector. Technique and patient selection defines safety. At TLJ Aesthetics MD, no medical complications have ever occurred.

When will I see the effects of Sclerotherapy for my spider veins?

The onset of action is immediate but the veins initially appear more prominent, gradually fading with maximal results seen at about 6-8 weeks. The cosmetic benefits continue to improve over time with a series of several treatments.

How often will I need to repeat Sclerotherapy treatments for ongoing results?

Typically patients who receive a series of treatments for spider veins enjoy a touch up treatment every few years.

Do I need to modify any of my activities after spider vein treatment?

To ensure optimal treatment, it is recommended that our patients wear compression stockings for 5 days and to avoid the following activities for 3 days: heavy exercise, long plane flights or lack of activity, hot baths or saunas.

What is the difference between Sclerotherapy and Light or Laser treatments for spider veins?

At TLJ Aestheics MD, we have found sclerotherapy to be more comfortable and effective than other options. However, there are times that we use a combination of treatments for additive benefits depending upon the size and location of the unwanted spider veins.

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