Sagging Skin Treatment in Issaquah

Your solution to sagging skin—radiofrequency


One of the most common complaints we hear is of crepiness, laxity of the skin, and sagging skin. Luckily, these conditions can all be treated with ThermiSmooth, a sagging skin treatment in Issaquah. This is a non-surgical treatment using radiofrequency to stimulate collagen and rebuild the skin. Radiofrequency is a non-visible spectrum of light that is “colorblind,” meaning safe for all skin pigments.


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Our Experience

At TLJ Aesthetics MD, Dr. Jacobson has over 15 years of experience with laser, radiofrequency, and light treatments for rejuvenation and overall treatment of sagging skin. Device selection and advanced training with the very physicians who develop these technologies and write the treatment protocols are the rule at TLJ. It’s not enough to simply have a device capable of improving your skin—it must be exceptional. And the technique is everything.

At TLJ, we also make every extra effort possible to ensure your comfort during your treatment.

Treatment Details

Areas of Treatment: At TLJ, the most popular treatment areas for ThermiSmooth include upper and lower eyelids, lower face, neck, and décolleté.

Treatment Time: 30-45 minutes

Typical Recovery Time: None

Frequency of Maintenance Treatment: 4 treatments as early as 2-4 weeks apart with optimal maintenance treatments every 3-4 months.

Sagging Skin Treatment in Issaquah


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Additional Benefits

Have issues with dry eyes? Thermismooth has been observed to increase natural lubrication of the eyes and soothe the irritation of dry eyes in addition to its cosmetic benefits.

ThermiSmooth is a sagging skin treatment in Issaquah that improves crepiness, sagginess/laxity, and cellulite in the following areas:

Upper Eyelids
Lower Eyelids


What happens if I stop getting ThermiSmooth treatments?

The effects of ThermiSmooth treatments to improve laxity will gradually wane over time. While your skin’s appearance will be better for many months, the aging process continues. Maintenance treatments are optimal for long term results.

Is ThermiSmooth safe?

As with any medical treatment, ensure you are getting treated with a very experienced medical provider. Technique and proper patient selection define safety. At TLJ Aesthetics MD, no medical complications have ever occurred.

When will I see the effects of ThermiSmooth?

The cosmetic benefit can be seen as early as a few weeks. Improvement during the initial treatment series occurs over time, peaking up to 4-6 months later.

How often will I need to repeat ThermiSmooth treatments for ongoing results?

Maintenance treatments are ideal for after an initial treatment course, every 3-4 months for most patients.

What are the side effects?

The most common side effects of ThermiSmooth include temporary warmth or heat at the time of treatment. At TLJ Aesthetics MD we do all possible to help prevent and avoid any unpleasant experiences and ensure your treatment is very comfortable.

Do I need to modify any of my activities after ThermiSmooth treatment?

You can return to most usual activities immediately after your treatment with no downtime.

What is the difference between ThermiSmooth and SkinTyte BBL/ IPL and other Laser treatments for the treatment of laxity?

There are a variety of techniques available to improve the laxity of the skin. Different treatments are commonly used together for additive benefits. Many factors are taken into consideration when recommendations are made for you at TLJ. Together we will determine the right fit for you.

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