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Vaginal Rejuvenation

If you have had babies, you know that sometimes a good giggle or cough you might dribble a little. Menopause makes it even worse! My kids would bet to see if I had to run to the bathroom when I laughed, coughed, sneezed or make a fast move like on the tennis court PLUS not to mention being as dry as the Sahara Desert. If I had a cold, I would need to wear a pad. Well Dr. J and Kathy told me about the treatment. I had it done, happy to tell you, my Vijay jay is like I am 30 again!!!!! I play tennis, had colds and yes the Sahara desert isn¹t a problem any longer!!!!!
SUCCESS! I am having a touch up done next week. When I started to notice the problems starting again, I am being proactive. This is the best thing I could have done for me.


How I Look and How I Feel

I am 57 years old, and after 32 years in federal law enforcement, I retired this year and started my second career as a personal trainer and nutritionist. Weight training, eating healthy and cardiovascular fitness have been a part of my life for over 40 years. Being healthy isn’t the only reason that I work out, though. How I LOOK is just as important as how I feel. Being physically fit helps the body look and stay young, but it doesn’t do much for the face and skin. I first started to notice the changes in how I looked around the age of 50. People started guessing my age at…50! It was a little unsettling at first, but I thought what the hell; I am 50, so I’ll just have to live with it. Then one night, I was having dinner with a woman whom I had just met on a dating site. She guessed my age at 54. 54!!! Seriously!!! Needless to say, I was shocked at how poor her vision was at the age of 47. After locking myself in the basement for 9 months, coming out only for food and to catch a glimpse of a Seahawks game now and then, I decided to do something about it. A friend suggested that I make an appointment to see Dr. Terry Jacobson. It was one of the best decisions of my life! I have been seeing Dr. Jacobson for over 7 years and could not be any happier. I receive Botox, filler and laser treatments on my face and forehead. The results are remarkable! I ended up moving to Las Vegas in May of 2018. I spoke with a number of friends in the area trying to find a local doctor in order to continue the protocol. I interviewed 3 doctors; one refused to show me examples of his work, and the pictures from the other two left me feeling…underwhelmed. I decided that it was in the best interest of my aesthetical well being to continue seeing Dr. Jacobson. I have seen enough “bad work” to know one needs to be extremely careful and diligent when it comes to selecting a physician who will be working on the face. It’s your face for crying out loud! The FIRST thing that people see when they meet you; and like it or not, how one looks does leave a lasting impression. Lastly, I have never understood why men seem to be more reluctant than women to do something about looking older. I am a veteran (U.S. Army) and spent over 30 years as a special agent. Yes, I have been called a “metro-sexual;” I’m fine with it. Of course, I care about my aesthetics and my appearance; I’m proud of how I look. And, how one feels about themselves, inside AND out is the cornerstone of one’s self-esteem. Looking old doesn’t make someone more “manly.” It just makes them look…old.


Be Real

My experience with TLJ Aesthetics MD has been life changing!  When I first met Dr. Jacobson back in 2007 I was extremely self-conscious about how my face looked.  Years in the sun had left my skin heavily damaged and I also had spots that had no pigment and it made my skin appear very mottled.  I had tried glycolic peels, dermabrasion and even cosmetic facial tattooing to try and improve my skin and none of it had helped.  I had resorted to to just wearing heavy foundation make-up in an effort to hide and blend all my uneven skin tone.  I was not happy with it.

Then the magic happened. Dr. Jacobson introduced me to Foto Facial and the results were truly transformational!  Not only did the treatments lift out all the old brown sun damage but they decreased the size of my pores, eliminated tiny blood vessels around my nose and plumped my cheeks!  Since those first early treatments my skin has been smooth and even toned and I have felt confident and self-assured in how I look.  The light foundation I use these days goes on beautifully and looks clean.  I’m 62 and I get compliments on how nice my skin looks!  I married just recently, but before that, as a single woman on a moderate income, I found Foto Facial to be an affordable powerful tool that provides REAL results.  Dr. Jacobson has many fabulous aesthetic tricks up her sleeve, but if anyone is looking to achieve and maintain beautiful skin, Foto Facial is the way to go. I can’t praise it enough.  You can turn back time!



My introduction to Botox was random. I met a woman who was my age, but appeared more youthful in attitude and younger in appearance. My first thought was great genetics; but further discussion indicated the true source, Botox. Really! Now I am interested. My research reveals Botox has been in use for 20 years with minimal safety risks. So I do the math.

Age 59-20 years Botox available=Age 39.

Botox was available when I was a youthful 39-year-old.  I had no idea.

Next, a discussion appointment with TLJ Aesthetics.

Appointment is scheduled for the  procedure; a life changing appointment.

Yes, life changing.

Everything has changed; attitude, confidence, abilities and purpose. I am recognizing my strengths. My attitude is positive. I am becoming my true self.

I don't hesitate to look at the reflection in the mirror. It is the opposite. I look in the mirror and recognize the image; I see myself again. I am no longer looking at a wrinkle here, there and everywhere... the wrinkles are gone. I see the beautiful person I have not seen in a long time. I see me; not a stranger. I have regained my confidence. I want to be part of life again. I have value. My employer is offering more opportunities to me. Life is exciting again.
I was not ready to accept the aging process. Botox gave me the opportunity to postpone aging and continue as an active participant in life.

I had no idea the benefits of Botox.

Life changing.



Dr. J has introduced me to some of the greatest treatments in the beauty world. I'm originally from LA where everyone starts getting Botox in their 20's. I was never comfortable with just picking someone and going at that age and I'm so glad I waited. When I met Dr. J she was very thorough in her explanation of everything and I immediately felt comfortable. I trust her with any treatment. I have learned so much through her. A few of the treatments I learned about are Kybella, collagen induction therapy, thermismooth and thermiVa, fillers, and multiple lasers. I know that I can age gracefully without needing surgery by just seeing Dr. J!


TLJ Family

Oh, how I love Dr. J and her team! I feel so lucky to have met Dr. J over 8 years ago through a client. Since day one she has made me feel like family and more than comfortable with needles. Haha

I will never trust anyone else with my Botox or filler. I trust her so much that I have asked her several times to partner up with my salon to educate my clients on all the options of Botox, filler and much more. She is a gem!


My Story/My Face

There was a time when I thought getting anti-aging skin care treatments was self-indulgent and vain.  Well, then something happened- I got older and wasn’t happy with what I saw. What’s wrong with a little refresher I asked myself??  So, I started on this journey and I’m happy to report, it was a good decision. Now, don’t get me wrong.  The clock can only turn back so far, however just a little reverse in time has been satisfactory for me.


Here's my story;

I looked in the mirror one day and saw,

Someone who didn’t look familiar at all;

Lines and wrinkles needed to fade away;

So, I called upon Dr. J to help me find my way.

I still look like me, with a happier, smoother face;

And I’m pleased to say, at 72 years old I’m still in the race!


Re-Igniting enthusiasm

I had an important realization quite a few years ago after I started my relationship as a client of TLJ Aesthetics. I had never considered the correlation between what I saw in the mirror---a worn looking, older lady, and how I felt,---old and lacking the vitality I once had. As I began looking younger and younger, my enthusiasm was re-ignited for the activity I once enjoyed but had felt I was getting too old to embrace. Mentally I had been putting myself out to pasture like my retired horse.

I currently train and ride a young horse, an activity few women at age 70+  would consider. My skin now has a glow, and I feel 2 decades younger. Thank you TLJ for not just restoring my skin, but as a happy consequence, giving me a youthful zest for life!


Smile Lines, Frown Lines 

When it comes to my favorite team or subjects, you might say I get a little animated! Over time animation results in expression lines, making skin less smooth and a face more angry or tired looking.  The “#1” frown line between my brows really started to appear in my 40s.  I have to admit that when my wife suggested I try some “Bro-Tox” that is, Botox for men, I laughed, but thought, why not!  She gets it, right?!  So I went for it and found that my face looks fresher and smoother.  My suggestion?  Say YES to Bro-Tox!  Full disclosure, my wife, Dr. Jacobson, might agree with my suggestion!


And the WINNER Is … !!!!

That would be Karrie one of my co-workers, She won one of the Famous Dr.J Open House envelops of a big surprise!!!! This was my first open house at Dr. J’s Office. She was the unknown client to me that kept ordering beautiful designs from Countryside Floral and Garden where I worked and now own. I believe I had not worked there too long and Karrie Invited me to go.  Anyways, to continue on with the story, guess what… it was Botox! I can’t remember the units because this is about 10 years ago. Karrie opened the envelope, was like “No Way”, and handed it directly over to me. I laughed of course.

I have always been a little androgynous in appearance and have worn make-up since I was like 20 years old. I have no eyebrows and no eyelashes. They are completely blonde. I was known in Michigan as “Mascara Jon”. What’s interesting about this is that I feel like it has turned into my trademark and it’s become an expected appearance of mine. Which I enjoy doing and feel better with it on.

I had started getting some frown lines in between my eyebrows and since I have this free Botox… WHY NOT!!!!

That’s when it all started, little Botox, little Kybella, little Micro Needling, little Photo Facial, little this and a little of that…  I have had many compliments on how young I look and continue to have compliments from customers, clients and friends. I truly love my time with Dr. J, as we chat about business and all of her new machines and what the new technology on the Forefront of the Aesthetics field. Not to mention she’s an AWESOME Dr.!!!!!

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