hormone therapy in Issaquah

hormone therapy in Issaquah

Hormones, mood swings, and hot flashes... oh my!

Hormone Replacement

Confused About Hormones?

If you are confused about hormones, you’re not alone. There is a lot of misinformation, hype, and fear surrounding this topic—the indications for hormone replacement, whether to use or not, how to use it (topical, oral, vaginal, and even injected)… the list goes on.

Common questions TLJ hears about hormone therapy in Issaquah sound like “What the role of blood work plays in perimenopause and menopause?” “How can you determine whether hormones are really even the cause of symptoms?” “What hormones are involved?”

Hormone Replacement

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Dr. Jacobson is a board-certified internal medicine physician who has worked closely with women as her patients for over 20+ years. She understands the unique and special needs of her female patients. Her knowledge and expertise helps her patients with a wide range of concerns, and she has tailored much of her early education and training, as well as continued training on the needs of women.

Evidence-Based Medicine

At TLJ, the standard of care is working directly with physicians and surgeons who have developed the very techniques used to treat the issues we see. These include urinary bladder leakage, vaginal dryness, vaginal laxity due to hormone changes or childbirth and recurrent UTIs. Doing so ensures the treatments you receive are optimal for the best outcome.

Evidence-based medicine and treatments are of utmost importance. Dr. J feels strongly about the avoidance of over-treating, unnecessary testing, and over-prescribing.

For women, balancing health and fitness, emotional health and cosmetic concerns are much easier with TLJ on your team.

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Hormone Treatment

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Feminine Rejuvenation at TLJ Aesthetics

What Next?

Many women suffer from the effects of hormonal changes, childbirth, and aging—despite the proper use of hormone replacement therapy. TLJ Aesthetics MD can assist with residual ongoing symptoms in this case with non-invasive, non-surgical feminine / vaginal rejuvenation. Our patients observe that hormone replacement therapy and feminine rejuvenation work together to better improve the following symptoms:

  • Bladder Leakage / Urinary Incontinence
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections
  • Vaginal and External Structure Laxity
  • Orgasmic Function


What used to be accepted by women as the “norm” is no longer acceptable. Whether with hormones alone or in combination with Feminine Rejuvenation, patients at TLJ Aesthetics MD report a greater sense of well-being and higher self-esteem after receiving hormone therapy in Issaquah. And “Feminine Rejuvenation” really is the perfect description of results commonly experienced by our patients. Hormone therapy promotes living longer, working longer, and staying active longer.

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Side Effects & Recovery

It’s important to carefully consider the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy in Issaquah. Having an in-depth conversation about these risks and determining how Feminine Rejuvenation might fit in with your goals with your medical provider is necessary.

Not every woman is an appropriate candidate for either or both. And while both treatments can improve symptoms nearly immediately, it’s common for improvement to take weeks to begin. For long term results, periodic maintenance of treatments is necessary. There is no downtime or recovery time. Feminine Rejuvenation treatments are comfortable, non-invasive, and non-surgical.

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Start your journey to better healthcare.

Feminine Rejuvenation and Hormone Replacement Therapy in Issaquah are treatments commonly provided to our patients who receive their primary care with an outside provider.

Did you know Internal Medicine / Primary Care is also an option provided to you at TLJ Aesthetics MD? We offer a concierge-style membership called CloseCare. Learn how comprehensive medical care can affect positive change in your life and see CloseCare is a good fit for your ongoing health needs.

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How do I know whether my symptoms are due to hormone imbalance?

Commonly people associate a wide range of symptoms with a hormonal imbalance of the ovary, adrenal or thyroid, and other glands. It is best to discuss your symptoms with a medical doctor and her medical providers for a better understanding of what may be going on and options for relief.

Are hormones safe to use topically, orally or otherwise?

There are risks associated with the use of hormones, whether estrogen, progesterone, thyroid or others and the decision to start hormones should not be taken lightly. Talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits specific to you specifically.

What if hormone replacement therapy does not alone relieve my concerns or if I'd rather avoid hormones?

It is not uncommon to combine hormone replacement with other in-office procedures such as Feminine Rejuvenation. Feminine Rejuvenation can also be done without using hormone replacement. Sometimes other medications are useful in addition depending upon the specific problem.

Is it mandatory that I am a primary care patient at TLJ Aesthetics MD for a consultation regarding Feminine Rejuvenation and hormones?

No. Many of our Feminine Rejuvenation patients receive their primary care with an outside provider.

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