Best Eastside medical practice in Issaquah

Best Eastside medical practice in Issaquah

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Dr. Terry Jacobson
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Terry L Jacobson

Dr. Terry Jacobson is a board-certified medical doctor specializing in internal medicine and aesthetic medicine.   She is the founder of TLJ Aesthetics MD and has practiced medicine in the Issaquah Washington area since 1998.

Professional Designations

Medical Doctor, Board Certified, ABIM
Registered Pharmacist, RPH

Fellow, American College of Physicians,  FACP


Aesthetic Medicine
Adult Internal Medicine
Women’s Health
Complex Medical Conditions

Education & Training

Residency and Internship, Oregon Health Sciences University
MD, University of Nevada School of Medicine
BS (Registered Pharmacist), University of Utah School of Pharmacy

Green Leaves

Michelle Nelson, PA-C

TLJ Physician Assistant since 2019

Internal Medicine PA since 2005


Midwestern University, Master of Science: Physician Assistant Studies
Western Washington University, Bachelor of Science: Exercise Science

TLJ Assistants and Coordinators

Kathy Garza

Lead TLJ Patient Coordinator since 2005

Sienna Holmen

TLJ Patient Coordinator since 2013

Shariah Hehn

TLJ Medical Assistant since 2019

Kari Rabelos

TLJ Patient Coordinator since 2019

What is a PA-C or PA?

Dr. Jacobson has utilized the expertise of Physician Assistance at TLJ Aesthetics MD for over 15  years. Not to be confused with Medical Assistants, which are administrative and support personnel within the practice, PA’s are medical providers and extenders of service under the supervision of attending physicians in hospital and outpatient settings. At TLJ, they help provide medical and aesthetics services within a specific scope of practice, determined by Dr. Jacobson, and allow for additional choices for appointment dates and times for your convenience.

Every PA has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of their choice, then completed a 2-3 year graduate program to obtain their Master’s degree. Their training is based on the same educational model as physicians to diagnose, prescribe, order labs and diagnostic studies and treat medical and cosmetic concerns. Patient care is delivered after more specific training and with collaboration between the PA and the attending physician.

Despite the fact that PA training programs have been in existence since the 1960s, their role can still be misunderstood because of their title. However, at TLJ Aesthetics MD, PA’s have been an essential part of our team for many years. We think you will feel that way too.

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Aesthetics & Internal Medicine


Over the years of observation and talking with her patients, Dr. Jacobson came to see a connection between outer beauty and inner health. Dermatologic care and Aesthetics became a prominent part of her practice early in her career. She observed that when her patients were making efforts in improving their skin and aesthetic beauty, healthy lifestyle choices seemed to follow. Dr. Jacobson has had the privilege of training personally under the very cosmetic physicians and surgeons that innovate and develop aesthetic devices, treatments, and protocols. These are now the standard of medical excellence at TLJ.

Aesthetics Treatments

Internal Medicine

Communication and time spent understanding the needs and concerns of her patients have always been an essential part of her practice. Early on, Dr. J came to realize just how difficult it was to have that kind of relationship with her patients under the constraints of a traditional practice. Out of a mutual desire for a personal and accessible internal medicine/ primary care practice in Issaquah, CloseCare (concierge-style and model of practice) was developed and is an important asset to patients that choose to also receive primary care at TLJ Aesthetics MD. Her medical patients have the added comfort of knowing that her training and background as a Registered Pharmacist gives her added insight into pharmacology and medication mechanisms, interactions, risks, and benefits.

At TLJ Aesthetics MD, Dr. Jacobson and her team are truly… Caring For You, Inside and Out.

Internal Medicine

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