Aesthetic Treatments in Issaquah

Treatments at TLJ

We get excited every day to help people achieve their healthiest and most beautiful or handsome versions of themselves possible.

Our goal is to treat and prevent the signs of aging to the best of your ability using principles of dermatology and aesthetics while looking natural, well-rested, energetic and vibrant. When this goal is achieved, what follows is something even better! We get to observe how self-esteem, relationships, and work-related activities improve, and interest in improving fitness or general health increase. We attribute this to a renewed sense of self and well being.

Treatments at TLJ

Aesthetic Procedures and Non-Surgical Treatments

Botox in Issaquah


Photofacial BBL in Issaquah

BBL Photofacial

Halo laser treatment in Issaquah

Halo Laser

Fillers in Issaquah

Soft Tissue Fillers

Skin Tightening in Issaquah


Sagging Skin Treatment in Issaquah


Vaginal Rejuvenation in Issaquah


Kybella in Issaquah


Sclerotherapy in Issaquah


Intense Pulsed Light Treatment in Issaquah

ForeverClear BBL

Laser Hair Removal in Issaquah

Laser Hair Removal

Microneedling in Issaquah


Chemical Peel in Issaquah

Chemical Peel

Your skin’s appearance tells a lot about your stress, lifestyle, and general health.

Your individual concerns are carefully assessed and, together, a treatment plan is established that you can feel good about, knowing that your concerns have been listened to and you’ve been given all the information necessary to make solid informed choices that are right for you.

Results Matter

Over the years, Dr. Jacobson has had the privilege of training personally under the very cosmetic physicians and surgeons that develop aesthetic devices and treatments and who write the protocols that are the standard of medical excellence at TLJ. Safety and comfort are the top priority and patients routinely take note of how they feel while they are in our care. Your treatments are provided directly by a medical provider (one that diagnoses, treats, and prescribes for medical and cosmetic concerns), an extra measure is taken to ensure you are in the most qualified hands.

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Aesthetics & Skin Care

What signs of aging are popping up that you want to treat and even prevent? TLJ takes the responsibility of educating you about your skin very seriously.

Conversations commonly begin with talking about sunscreen and damage prevention at TLJ Aesthetics MD. Next, we discuss your skin and aesthetic concerns. We also provide you the most effective steps for skincare you can exercise outside the office while offering a wide range of non-surgical, non-invasive treatments in-office that treat and prevent and treat the signs of aging and keep you looking and feeling your very best.

Many TLJ patients have been clients for over 20 years. That alone tells us something about the results we can achieve, and the degree of trust we establish, when our patients opt to “grow up” with TLJ.

While some focus their care plan at TLJ Aesthetics MD on the skin and other aesthetic concerns, others enjoy the convenience of adding internal medicine to the services they receive with us. Wherever your needs fit along that spectrum, TLJ is here for you.

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