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Dr. Terry Jacobson
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Med Spa in Issaquah, Washington

Dr. Terry Jacobson founded TLJ Aesthetics MD in 1998.

Here, patients choose from a spectrum of services based on their needs—including primary care, women’s health, dermatologic care, and aesthetics—redefining what a med spa should truly be.

About TLJ Aesthetics

Aesthetics & Internal Medicine

35 Years of combined experience in skin care, aesthetics, and internal medicine
30000 Dermatologic, cosmetic injectable, and laser/energy treatments personally performed by Dr. Jacobson alone
30 Different procedures performed on a regular basis with extensive private training

When Aesthetics & Internal Medicine come together for comprehensive care, you get TLJ Aesthetics MD.

At TLJ Aesthetics MD in Issaquah, we recognize the connection between being healthy and beautiful. We offer both aesthetic and internal medicine – primary care services to our patients in Issaquah who are looking for a total package when it comes to their inner health and outer beauty.

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TLJ offers aesthetic procedures & non-surgical treatments to help improve patients’ overall appearance, confidence & well-being.

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Soft Tissue Fillers

Halo laser treatment in Issaquah

Halo Laser

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TLJ combines the power of aesthetics with internal medicine to create a home for our patients’ every need.

Primary care doctor in Issaquah

Internal Health

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Women’s Health

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Hormone Replacement

Kybella in Issaquah

Dermatologic Care

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Patient Testimonials

If you have had babies, you know that sometimes a good giggle or cough you might dribble a little. Menopause makes it even worse! My kids would bet to see if I had to run to the bathroom when I laughed, coughed, sneezed or make a fast move like on the tennis court PLUS not to mention being as dry as the Sahara Desert. If I had a cold, I would need to wear a pad. Well Dr. J and Kathy told me about the treatment. I had it done, happy to tell you, my Vijay jay is like I am 30 again!!!!! I play tennis, had colds and yes the Sahara desert isn¹t a problem any longer!!!!!

— Annie

Oh, how I love Dr. J and her team! I feel so lucky to have met Dr. J over 8 years ago through a client. Since day one she has made me feel like family and more than comfortable with needles. Haha 

— Ashley

There was a time when I thought getting anti-aging skin care treatments was self-indulgent and vain.  Well, then something happened- I got older and wasn’t happy with what I saw. What’s wrong with a little refresher I asked myself??  So, I started on this journey and I’m happy to report, it was a good decision.

— Bonnie

When it comes to my favorite team or subjects, you might say I get a little animated! Over time animation results in expression lines, making skin less smooth and a face more angry or tired looking.  The “#1” frown line between my brows really started to appear in my 40s.  I have to admit that when my wife suggested I try some “Bro-Tox” that is, Botox for men, I laughed, but thought, why not!  She gets it, right?!  So I went for it and found that my face looks fresher and smoother.  My suggestion?  Say YES to Bro-Tox!  Full disclosure, my wife, Dr. Jacobson, might agree with my suggestion!

— Jamie

I have had many compliments on how young I look and continue to have compliments from customers, clients and friends. I truly love my time with Dr. J, as we chat about business and all of her new machines and what the new technology on the Forefront of the Aesthetics field. Not to mention she’s an AWESOME Dr.!!!!!

— Jon

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We love hearing your feedback, Elisabeth! Our goal is to make every patient feel welcome and enjoy our service as much as Elisabeth does. We value building lasting relationships with our patients. Schedule your free consultation today and experience the difference our care makes in your life 📲 ...

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Cosmetic procedures can really help your skin, but you need a powerful product to supplement your results. Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar works with the skin’s natural regeneration process! It assists in improving the skin’s appearance and speeds healing time. Get Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectaris 10% off during May, and Beauty Secrets members receive 15% off! Call 📞 425-837-8842 or text 📲 425-651-6799 to place your order today! ...

Are you interested in treating and preventing wrinkles, blemishes, sagging, or other issues associated with aging skin? With laser skin treatment at TLJ MD, we can transform your skin by targeting the root of these issues! Learn more about laser skin treatment on our blog! ...

In the month of May we are talking about Halo! Fractional ablative skin resurfacing by #Sciton ...amazing technology.
⭐️ Evens out browns and reds
⭐️ Smooths fine lines
⭐️ Tightens the skin
⭐️ Creates a glow to the skin, famously known as "Halo Glow!"

All month with purchase of a Halo*, you also receive a gift of 30 U Botox ($420- value). Whatcha waiting for?

Text to reserve your treatment or to schedule a consultation!

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* Halo face, face + neck or face, neck + chest
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In this ever-evolving world of beauty enhancement, you don't want to get caught out of the loop. The TLJ newsletter is the best way to make sure you're staying up to date on all of the latest treatments at our office in Issaquah. Also receive exclusive offers on products and treatments right to your inbox. Sign up today! ...

We're all about laser skin treatments this April! For any package of BBL, SkinTyte, or ClearSilk treatments you purchase, receive 3 complimentary sessions of BBL and ClearSilk treatments on your hands! A favorite at TLJ valued at over $1,000! Call 📞 425-837-8842 or text 📲 425-651-6799 to order your treatment packages today! ...

If you are already taking good care of your skin and have minor pigment irregularities and some texture changes associated with sun exposure and time, laser surely is overkill, right? Wrong!

This lovely patient underwent a series of #BBL ( #BroadBandLight ) and #ST ( #SkinTyte ) to improve these minor changes and to tighten the skin.

The kicker??? BBL has been shown in peer reviewed studies to delay the way your skin ages.

Correction & Prevention.

Text to arrange a consultation with our doctor and find out whether this treatment is the right one for you!

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